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Yadav, Sunil Kumar Jumhare, Pradeep Kumar, Samir Saraswati 540 Thermodynamic Evaluation of Humidified Air Turbine (HAT) Cycles.
Of Mechanical Engineering, Korea (Republic Dong Ho Rhee, Yonsei University, Dept.
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Gier GT2008-504 Effects of Suction and Injection Purge-Flow on the Secondary Flow Structures of a High-Work Turbine.
Fok, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK 94-GT-0ealing Flow Requirements for a Rotating Disk with External Swirling Flow.G.
Rimlinger, Solar Turbines Incorporated, San Diego, CA, USA;.
Cervantes de Gortari,.
Finnegan, Dean Johnson, James Hendershot, James Downs GT2011-468eat Transfer, Hydrodynamics and Pressure Drop in the Model of a Blade Leading Edge Cyclone Cooling Artem.
Nordmann, Technical University of Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Federal Republic of Germany 96-GT-0Improved Epicyclic Gearbox for Reduced and Controllable Sub-Synchronous Vibrations in Gas Turbogenerator Applications.K.Tsukuda, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, Takasago, Japan;.Of Aeronautics, Moffett Field, CA, USA;.F.Rajendran GT2012-682esign Study of Dovetail Geometries of Turbine Blades Using Abaqus and Isight Youngwon Hahn, John.Cheruvu, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX, USA 97-GT-4 Corrosion Resistant Single Crystal Superalloys for Industrial Gas Turbine Application.L.Backman, Lasse Koskelainen, and Jaakko Larjola GT2007-282 Mechanical and Rotordynamic Design, Fabrication and Testing of a High-Speed Miniature Cryocooler Motor Lei Zhou, Dipjyoti Acharya, Liping Zheng, Jay Kapat, Louis Chow, Nagaraj Arakere, and Thomas.Adeniyi, Herve Morvan, Kathy Simmons GT2016-569 Performance Measurements of Gas Bearings With High Damping Structures of Polymer and Bump Foil via Electric Motor Driving Tests and 1-DOF Shaker Dynamic Loading Tests Kyuho Sim, Jisu Park GT2016-573evelopment and Validation of an Efficient tehd Model of Tilting.Siggeirsson, Niklas Andersson, Fredrik Wallin GT2018-766PU-Noise Reduction by Novel Muffler Concepts Karsten Knobloch, Lars Enghardt, Friedrich Bake GT2018-767 Impact of Impeller Casing Treatment on the Acoustics of a Small High Speed Centrifugal Compressor Sidharath Sharma, Jorge Garcia-Tiscar, John.Peretto, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy;.